Vehicle Accident? Obtain Justice And Compensation

Vehicle Accident CompensationYou’ve just regained consciousness, but you’re not sure where you are. You see faces hovering over you. You can’t move because you are strapped down in a full back restraint. Then you realize – You’re in the back of an ambulance. Panic begins to set in. What happened? Where are they taking me? Am I seriously injured? Where is my car? I need to get home. Help!

Helping Accident Victims Obtain Justice and Compensation

Your road to recovery and obtaining compensation for your injuries is just beginning. It may be a long road, but don’t wait. You need help now. What you, or a loved one, are facing after the accident may be as traumatic as the collision itself. Insurance companies don’t make money by paying out claims. There will be numerous hurdles to clear and hoops to jump through. Who is going to provide for my family while I can’t work? Who is going to pay for my medical bills? Who pays for my car? What if I can’t return to work or engage in my ordinary, everyday activities? Do I get compensated for that?

You Need Experienced, Competent Help

With decades of experience in obtaining compensation for injured victims of motor vehicle accidents, our lawyers are experienced in all types of collisions – autos, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles. We handle negligence claims; uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist claims. Our attorneys are experienced litigators and top-notch negotiators who will protect your rights and advocate for justice and compensation for your injuries.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive the attention – medical, legal, and otherwise – that they need to recover, while we fight to obtain benefits due to them for payment of medical bills, lost income, and compensation for injuries. Since vehicle accidents have the potential to cause severe and/or permanent injures, we take the time and effort to make sure that get all the help and compensation you deserve – regardless of how long it may take. You may rest knowing that no matter how much time or effort goes into your case, we only get paid if we recover compensation for you, and only after we do.

Common questions our clients ask on vehicle accidents

Technically, “No.” Practically, “Yes.” If you are seriously injured, the answer is “Absolutely Yes.” There are so many twists and turns, and “nooks and crannies” to negotiating settlements that I rarely recommend handling one’s own claims. Besides, trying to deal with the “Goliath” insurance company can be very frustrating and emotionally draining. Your time and energy are probably best spent healing and getting back to your activities of everyday living – your usual employment, family and friends. Call for a free consultation and we will gladly explain all the reasons why you need an attorney’s help. Remember, there is never a fee unless we recovery money for you.

Every driver, every vehicle being operated in Colorado is required to carry at least $5,000 in medical payment (med pay) coverage, unless waived at the time the policy is purchased. Unless you, or the owner of the vehicle in which you were injured, has rejected medical payment coverage, the policy covering the vehicle will pay for at least $5,000 in accident related medical expenses. (Coverage limits may be higher). The auto insurance carrier will continue to pay for accident related treatment until the policy limit is exhausted. Next in line to pay for medical expenses is either your health insurance policy, Medicare, or Medicaid, if you have these coverages. For those without any of these secondary sources of coverage, we can make arrangements for treatment, to be paid for out of settlement proceeds, if you were injured by a negligent driver. If you need additional information, please call for a free consultation.

Colorado law requires that an auto insurer sell policies with at least $25,000/$50,000 liability coverage; offer Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage in amounts equal to liability coverage; and include medical payment coverage of at least $5,000, unless specifically rejected at the time the policy is purchased. My rule of thumb is “buy as much insurance as you can afford.” (For a more extensive discussion, see my article “On the Road to Disaster” at ) Some insurance companies will only sell you the minimum coverage, and others will not tell you about the availability of higher limit policies unless you ask. Be sure to ask about higher limits and what the additional cost is. The additional cost can be well worth it, as you will see in my article. If you have additional questions, please feel free to call for a free consultation.

NO! Truck accident cases are different in more ways than can be discussed in a short article.
If you are injured in a collision with a truck, it is imperative that you retain an attorney with
experience in litigating truck accident cases. Before becoming an attorney, Mark Biddison spent
ten years in the trucking business as a driver, including several years as an over-the- road driver
for several well-known companies, as well as being an owner-operator, and has experience in
hauling hazardous cargo; specialized heavy haul; as well as perishable freight such as meat and
produce. Mr. Biddison has over 1,000,000 miles as an over-the- road driver and is the recipient of
several safe driver awards. Mr. Biddison has handled many truck accident cases, using his
specialized knowledge to obtain large settlements in cases other attorneys could not handle. In a
way, the difference between handling a truck accident case vs. an auto accident case, is the
difference between handling a complex medical malpractice case and a case of simple
negligence. You must have the assistance of an experienced trucking accident attorney if you are
to obtain a full and fair recovery of damages in a truck accident case. If you are injured in a
collision with a truck, it is important that you retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible.
Your initial consultation is free. There is no attorney fee unless we recover money for you. If you
have been injured, call today for a consultation.

That depends on how the injury occurred. As a general rule, the government is immune from liability and cannot be sued. In certain instances, such as auto accidents and injuries occurring on government property, claims can be pursued. Time is critical because there are notices which must be submitted to the appropriate governmental entity within a short period of time after an injury has occurred. There are other technical requirements that apply to claims against the government. Don’t wait to discuss with an attorney. If you have been injured by a government employee, or on government property, call for a free consultation.

This is a very often-asked question, especially in auto-collision cases. As tempting as it can be to opine as to value during the initial interview, it is virtually impossible to answer that question with any degree of accuracy. We can often express a range of value, if we have enough information regarding the nature and extent of a person’s injuries; the amount of medical expenses; the amount of income loss, etc.; however, a lot of time, effort, information gathering and analysis goes into calculating the value of a person’s claim. For instance, does the person have pre-existing conditions which may explain their complaints/restrictions in activities? Did the person suffer a concussion/closed head injury in the collision? Were there injuries which required surgery and which may have long term chronic consequences? Are there issues of who was at fault in causing the collision or questions regarding causation of injuries and damages? Are there insurance issues or health care reimbursement issues which will affect the net recovery? Are there first-party insurance coverage issues (such as Underinsured Motorist Coverage) which may increase the potential recovery? There are many other factors which affect the value of a personal injury claim. Contact us if you have questions. The initial interview is free. We work on a contingent, percentage fee basis, so there is no attorney fee unless we recover money for you. Beware of those who are quick to tell you what your case is worth.