Compensation and Justice For Personal Injury

personal-injury-lawyer-boulder-smStevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg, LLC attorneys are keenly aware of the life-changing effects of a serious accident or injury. Although we cannot erase or undo the occurrence of your accident, we can do everything possible to obtain payment for your injuries.

Our lawyers are thorough investigators who diligently analyze every element of your personal injury case to determine the best possible course of action. We breakdown complex legal jargon into understandable terminology so you know exactly where your case stands. We stay on — and by—your side until your personal injury matter is resolved and you have recovered a fair amount for your losses.

Personal injury litigators focused on your recovery

If you or a loved one has been hurt — or worse, killed — due to another’s negligence, you deserve a law firm that’s going to fight for the recovery you deserve. At Stevens, Littman, Biddison, Tharp & Weinberg, we make certain that every client who hires us receives personalized, high-quality representation — the only kind of representation that any client deserves. We’ve built a reputation around protecting the people of Colorado and that means holding the party who injured you or your family responsible for his or her actions. We combine aggressive representation with a recognition of the value of early, effective case resolution to achieve prompt resolution of cases via settlement. We have successfully represented clients in court as well as in Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings such as mediation, arbitration, and early neutral evaluation.

When trial becomes necessary, our track record of success at both the trial court and appellate level in state and federal courts in Colorado speaks volumes to the ability of our attorneys to successfully fight for your rights when necessary.

Representation you can count on when you’re injured

Our job as your personal injury attorneys is to investigate and aggressively represent your claims. We conduct prompt and thorough investigations of the accident and injury, assist you in obtaining appropriate and supportive medical care and work with experts to assess the total economic, physical and emotional effects of the injuries you or your loved ones have suffered.

We handle cases arising from a wide variety of accidents, including some that are more common in Colorado than in other states. Our personal injury practice includes:

Common questions our clients ask on vehicle accidents

Generally speaking, you cannot sue your employer and are limited to recovery of workers compensation benefits, unless you were injured by a third party, such as a negligent driver. If you have been injured by a negligent third party while on the job, you are entitled to pursue a claim for damages not covered by worker’s compensation, such as pain, suffering, and impairment of the activities of daily living. Coordinating a third-party recovery with the worker’s compensation carrier, Medicare, Social Security, can be very complicated. If you have been injured on the job, call for a free consultation.

This is a very often-asked question, especially in auto-collision cases. As tempting as it can be to opine as to value during the initial interview, it is virtually impossible to answer that question with any degree of accuracy. We can often express a range of value, if we have enough information regarding the nature and extent of a person’s injuries; the amount of medical expenses; the amount of income loss, etc.; however, a lot of time, effort, information gathering and analysis goes into calculating the value of a person’s claim. For instance, does the person have pre-existing conditions which may explain their complaints/restrictions in activities? Did the person suffer a concussion/closed head injury in the collision? Were there injuries which required surgery and which may have long term chronic consequences? Are there issues of who was at fault in causing the collision or questions regarding causation of injuries and damages? Are there insurance issues or health care reimbursement issues which will affect the net recovery? Are there first-party insurance coverage issues (such as Underinsured Motorist Coverage) which may increase the potential recovery? There are many other factors which affect the value of a personal injury claim. Contact us if you have questions. The initial interview is free. We work on a contingent, percentage fee basis, so there is no attorney fee unless we recover money for you. Beware of those who are quick to tell you what your case is worth.

If you or a loved one has been injured, it’s of utmost importance that you reach out to a Colorado personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Although there are exceptions, you have only two years from the date of the injury to bring a claim.

It is important to take immediate action if you have been injured due to another person’s negligence. With two offices we are ideally situated to serve the needs of injured victims throughout the Front Range and Western Slope areas of Colorado. We are unwavering advocates for your legal rights.

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